A George III Mahogany Inlaid Tray

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A fine George III oval tray in mahogany, in the Adam style with an outer border herringbone inlaid with ebony and boxwood around a wavy edge, and with tulipwood crossbanding, and a broad band of rosewood within a double track of boxwood and ebony ropework inlay, and with to the centre an oval panel inlaid with tulipwood, harewood and boxwood with an ebony and boxwood outer edge, decorated with penwork and shading to the central floral motif. English, circa 1780.
Condition: The tray is in very good condition, however over time the oak onto which it was veneered has warped somewhat meaning that it is no longer completely flat. In spite of this the tray retains wonderful colour and definition to the inlays, and has a pleasing warm patina.

Length = 76 cm (30”)
Width = 56 cm (22”)