A Late 19th Century Horse Tricyle


An unusual late 19th century child’s tricycle.

An unusual late 19th century child’s tricycle, the curved handlebars with shaped wooden grips and directly connected to the iron rimmed and spoked wooden front wheel having pedals attached, and with a painted carousel style leaping horse with open mouth and front hooves forward, with a tooled leather saddle with stirrups attached and a horsehair tail, mounted onto a decorative pierced cast iron brace connecting to the back wheels. Probably French, circa 1875.

Condition: Overall very good, the piece is in very good condition with no damage to the horse or metal attachments, the leather is in good condition and the wheels turn easily. Overall it has a wonderful appearance and is a charming toy.

Height = 85 cm (33.5”)
Width = 61 cm (24”)
Length = 87 cm (34”)