An Edwardian Silver Hip Flask


A fine Edwardian silver hip flask.

A fine Edwardian silver hip flask, the domed cover with bayonet action and cork lining over a slightly convex (pocket shaped) plain oval body with a removable cup with gilded interior at the lower half on a small flat base. London 1909 by Mappin and Webb and stamped by them at the base, with their address at 2 Queen Victoria Street, London.

Condition: Excellent, the flask is in very good condition with no splits, holes or dents, the cover fits very tightly and is therefore watertight, the cup fits tightly to the body, the gilding in the cup is in excellent condition, there are traces of gilding around the inside of the top. Overall it has a superb appearance.

Height = 14.5 cm (5.25”)
Capacity ≈ 150 ml (¼ pt)
Weight: 264 g (8.5 oz t)