The Last Supper: A Framed 19th Century Silvered Copper Panel


A mid 19th century silvered copper panel depicting the Last Supper.

A mid 19th century silvered copper panel depicting the Last Supper, after the painting by Vicente Juan Masip of c.1562, showing Christ sitting at a table in a neoclassical interior, holding aloft the Host and surrounded by the Disciples, with a large ewer and basin on the ground, and with a border of pilasters with Baroque decorations to the sides and with a putto with scrolling leaves and flowers above and below, with a Latin inscription below reading: ‘AMEN DICO VOBIS QUIA UNUS VESTRUM ME TRADITURUS EST’, in a swept frame with an egg and leaf moulded edge. Either Spanish or Italian, circa 1840.
Image size: 36 x 50 cm (14″ x 20″)

Vicente Juan Masip, (also known as Joan de Joanes) (1507-1579), is thought to have studied painting in Italy and his work is heavily influenced by Italian painting of the period, especially that of Sebastiano del Piombo. He worked for most of his professional life in Valencia, painting solely religious works (never secular) and he never painted unless he had received Holy Communion. His work is characterised by great balance, attention to detail and depth of colour, and his works are found mostly in Valencia. The painting from which this is taken, painted in around 1562, hangs in the Museo del Prado, in Madrid.

Condition: Overall very good, the panel is in good condition with some loss to the silvering but not excessively so. The panel has no dents or splits, and the frame is in good condition too.

Overall dimensions:
Height = 49 cm (19.5”)
Width = 65 cm (25.5”)